Eat food from farmers markets.
Drink good tea each morning.
Read books that make you feel.
Paint, even if you’re awful.
Write, even when you have nothing to say.
Sit in the fresh air outside.
Go on hikes.
Swim in lakes and wade in streams.
Sleep as long as you need.
Work hard at what you love.
Work hard at what you hate.

Love unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

How to stay Happy   (via seulray)

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I am better than I was.
I will be better than I am. (140/365) by (DS)

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The days of Laylatul-Qadr are an important time for worship, especially the last 10 days. We should pray sincerely from our hearts in order to be saved from the hellfire. This is a good opportunity not only to pray for ourselves, but also for our fellow brothers and sisters, for if we can not do anything else then our prayers will help. (via d-emir)
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And you tried to change, didn’t you? Closed your mouth more. Tried to be softer, prettier, less volatile, less awake… You can’t make homes out of human beings. Someone should have already told you that. And if he wants to leave, then let him leave. You are terrifying, and strange, and beautiful. Something not everyone knows how to love. Warsan Shire, For Women Who Are Difficult To Love (via goonsac)

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Sleep or study. 😭 #finalexam
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No matter how great of a woman you are, you will never be good enough for someone who isn’t ready. I learned that the hard way. My past experiences  (via lilgivenchyprincess)

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If you knew how powerful the sujood is, you would never lift your head off of the ground. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

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They wanna see you do good, but never better than them. Remember that. (via love-me-coronas)

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Whatever that comes to you, remember Allah is the first one after all. Masha Allah.

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People who are not matured.

Sesiapa yang kita mengenali dirinya dulu adalah seorang yang jahat, tidak bererti dirinya selamanya jahat. Dan seseorang yang berlagak dengan dirinya seorang yang bagus, tidak bererti dirinya selamanya bagus. Allah maha adil.


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